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Multiple dove hunting options, including sunflower, milo, and wheat fields are available from year to year.  Below are pics from this and past years' fields.

Lincoln County Farm AR1110 Sunflower/Millet Field Prep & Progression
April through August 2009

This field's formula consists of:
Food = 6 Acres Sunflowers & Browntop Millet
Water = Canal along it's east side
Grit = Gravel Road 1/4 mile away
Shade/Cover/Roost = Trees along every edge

The field is ready for action.  It was mowed & burned August 24th and birds have started using it.

As of August 3rd, our browntop is close to finishing in the middle of the field.  In the coming weeks, we plan to spray, mow and burn the field.

Our sunflowers & browntop are off to a strong second start.  The millet is outperforming the sunflowers but by June 18th everything was 12" or taller.

In the first planting, April 25th, 100% sunflowers were broadcasted, most of which were destroyed by the 11 inches of rain that followed. By May 22nd, it finally dried up enough we could get back in the field to replant.  To condense time frames and insure we have ample food by opening weekend, we drilled a mixture of sunflowers & browntop millet.

               The field was disked twice, April 8th.

Then a third pass across the field was made with a field cultivator, April 25th.


Past Years Pics

                                                                                                                          Breakfast after the hunt...some members' favorite part of opening morning.

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