All plans provide for unlimited use of club lands by the club member, along with extensive guest and family privileges.

Arkansas fishing lease

Our club membership plans have multiple payment options. One will surely fit the range of activity you and your family prefer! Each plan includes a one-time, transferable, inheritable, lifetime club membership fee and dues. All plans provide for unlimited use of club lands by the club member, along with extensive guest and family privileges.

Why spend over $1,000/weekend at a lodge or $100K+ to buy into a single property club when you can enjoy hundreds of properties for a fraction of the cost? Bottom'll find our prices, coupled with prime quality land, to be the best value in the South!

  • Regular - $995 one-time lifetime club membership fee plus dues. This option will suit most people wishing to join the club.
  • Group - $745 one-time lifetime club membership fee EACH plus dues. Permits three or more people/families/employees to join our club together to reduce their initial investment. Each person is invoiced individually.
  • Dues - Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly options are available with Regular and Group plans.

Waterfowl Surcharge - Waterfowl hunting members are assessed a fuel/blind/habitat improvement surcharge of $100-$250 each January based upon how much the club spends on pumping water, waterfowl food plots, property improvements & providing duck blinds the previous year.

Floating Guest Membership - This membership is $495 per year and can only be purchased by regular club members (limit 2). Each floating guest membership may be used to take unlimited guests, but only one person each day, every day. No daily guest fees are charged in Arkansas, but a modest daily fee (typically $60) applies when using an affiliate club's property in another state.

Transfers - Club Memberships may be sold or transferred should the owner no longer have use for it. A $100 transfer fee applies and the new club member must be approved by the club.

Inactive Status - Club Memberships may be placed on inactive status for $100 per year, in lieu of paying dues.

Limited Number of Club Memberships Available

We currently have a limited number of available club memberships. Once we reach what we feel is a comfortable capacity for the land we will have this fall, all new applicants will go on a waiting list. Secure your spot today!

Call (501) 537-0400 or email us today with any questions.

We accept all major credit cards. All sales are final. No refunds.

All club members are required to provide us with a credit card number which can be charged for installments and daily fees. We don't bill members for daily fees or monthly/quarterly payments.

For further assistance, please call us at (501) 537-0400 or fax to (501) 537-0522.



Apply online today and begin the process of having hunting and fishing privileges of thousands of private acres across the state.