Southwind & HSP club members share experiences with our unique approach to outdoor recreation.

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Southwind Outdoors is the exclusive Arkansas-area franchise of the American Wildlife Association. Arkansas owned & managed, we are patterned after AWA's prototype club, Hunting Sports Plus of Blue Springs, Missouri, with whom we share land.

Ed A.
Hattiesburg, MS
Member since 2010

"It's a very nice setup for the price."

Little Rock, AR
Member since 2008

"I've been on 2 duck hunts this year (Fall 2010), and they both exceeded my expectations."

Mark S.
Beech Grove, AR
Members since 2008

"I am very impressed with the club. I have had good days and bad but, this is hunting. The ease of making reservations and quality of land to hunt is outstanding."

Kent M.
Little Rock, AR
Member since 2004

"I hunt, I hope I always will. I fish, I hope I always will. I also like checking out new places to hunt and fish. Southwind provides me that opportunity throughout Arkansas. I can fish on my private lake for the day, dove hunt over farm fields, deer hunt in hardwood bottomland timber, and I can duck hunt in a variety of places from natural swamps to soybean & rice fields. If I want to work hard enough to bring in a few thousand geese I can set up and work'em. I'm glad I live in Arkansas and I'm glad I'm a member of Southwind Outdoors."

Chauncey & Angela T.
Hot Springs, AR
Members since 2004

"When the program was first pitched to us, we thought it was a good idea, however, we weren't quite sure that it would fit our lifestyle.

We were invited as a guest by one of the members to join them on a hunt and that is all it took. We were not only impressed with the property we hunted, we were also impressed that we had it all to ourselves.

We can honestly tell you, when others we know that have leases, were not shooting, we were in almost every location we went. As a matter of fact, we ALWAYS saw ducks and ALWAYS pulled the trigger. And yes, we came home with ducks!

We would encourage anyone that is looking to join a hunting lease, club, etc. to seriously consider joining Southwind Outdoors. We would love to invite anyone, at anytime, to ask us any questions they might have, join us in a hunt or whatever we can do to let you know just how great this club is."

Ed M.
Maumelle, AR
Member since 2004

"Hamilton, just wanted to say what a great job you did with the flooded fields this year. Great duck hunting. I could have taken my limit every trip (except the first day) if I had wanted to. I love the Lonoke fields."

Richard M.
Pine Bluff, AR
Member since 2003

"I have been involved in several different hunting clubs in Arkansas over the years. By far my membership in Southwind Outdoors has been the most bang for the buck. I enjoy the opportunity to reserve an area to hunt wildlife and not be pressured by other hunters. Over the past ten years I have hunted ducks on public land. It was always a concern that you would not make it to your favorite honey hole first. The pressure is not there when you are a member of Southwind Outdoors. Just pick up the phone or use the Internet site to place your reservation. You can sleep a little longer in the mornings knowing that you are not competing with several other hunters for the same area. I would recommend Southwind Outdoors to anyone who enjoys the sport of hunting. I suggest that you call around and price hunting leases or guided hunts. I think you will be convinced that the annual fees for membership to Southwind Outdoors is very competitive."

Ken R.
Pine Bluff, AR
Member since 2003

"I have really enjoyed hunting on Southwind Outdoors farms these past three years. At first it was just one farm, but it was loaded with ducks so I joined just for the ducks. Since then several farms have been added that have wall hanger bucks on them. There are flooded fields for ducks. One farm has a thousand acres of timber that is loaded with squirrels, rabbits are everywhere, and there are some nice fishing holes and private river access. And I've got it all just to me and my boys. What else could I ask for?"

HSP Club Member Testimonials

William S.
Member since 1997

"My Dad and I became frustrated hunting on public ground. Sometimes when the sun came up, all you'd see is 'orange,' not fur. One morning there were even some guys sitting under our tree stand! It was time to find something else.

Since we joined HSP in 1997, we have been really pleased. I am able to take my son now, and even my in-laws from California who have had some of their best outings hunting duck and goose with us here.

The harvest reports have proven really valuable. I can read those and even talk with other members that hunted the ground previously. With that information and terrain maps available on the web, we can scout properties from home! I honestly cannot recall a day hunting on club properties that we didn't see some game.

Obviously, we're sold on the concept and eager to hunt the new properties being leased by [AWA Clubs]. We also travel extensively in season and look forward to reserving properties leased by other clubs in the American Wildlife Association. There's nothing else like it anywhere as far as I know!"

Wayne W.
Civil Servant
Member since 1995

"I've been a member since 1995, and I have always gotten great service from the people at Hunting Sports Plus. They are always attentive and have gone the extra mile to make sure my party is always well taken care of. I spent about 15 days on HSP properties last year and really feel I got my monies' worth. You can tell I'm really a "believer" in the concept and look forward to the growth and success of [AWA Clubs]. It's sure to mean more opportunities for me and other outdoorsmen as well!"

Earl K.
Member since 1995

"I have been very satisfied throughout my 8 years of association with Hunting Sports Plus. The people are always helpful and friendly. The guest policies and billing have been very convenient, and I especially like the early reservation system for deer season. I am really sold on the concept and I look forward to having more land to use in [the future]."



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